In between places.


“Underlying theme – the re-use and mis- use of in between places and left over spaces in and around existing structures. Start looking at small spaces, spaces in which you can fit your body: the space under the stairs, a forgotten corner, a gap between two buildings(…)”


okay I know you are bit late for this project. Your group have chosen the site they do have some inspirations as well but do the best you can! TEAM WORK is what you can do now!!


That’s the site they’ve chosen:

I’m so glad I like the site too 🙂

The place is small, dark and a bit secret. Probably not everyone will notice that we gonna use the space and make something really nice 🙂

The main inspiration is light and shadow: “Church of light” Tadao Ando

(and thanks God I like it too).

“The Church of the Light is a small structure on the corner of two streets at Ibaraki, a residential neighborhood. It is located 25km north-northeast of Osaka in the western foothills of the Yodo valley railway corridor. The church has an area of roughly 113 m² (1216 ft²): about the same size as a small house(…)”

“This building is one of the most famous designs of Japanese architect Tadao Anado(…)”

“Tadao Ando often uses Zen philosophies when conceptualizing his structures. One theme he expresses in this work is the dual nature of existence. The space of the chapel is defined by light, the strong contrast between light and solid. In the chapel light enters from behind the altar from a cross cut in the concrete wall that extends vertically from floor to ceiling and horizontally from wall to wall, aligning perfectly with the joints in the concrete. At this intersection of light and solid the occupant is meant to become aware of the deep division between the spiritual and the secular within himself or herself.

One feature of the interior is its profound emptiness. Many who enter the church say they find it disturbing. The distinct void space and absolute quiet amounts to a sense of serenity. For Ando the idea of ’emptiness’ means something different. It is meant to transfer someone into the realm of the spiritual. The emptiness is meant to invade the occupant so there is room for the ‘spiritual’ to fill them(…)”









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