Performance Art

– okay we’ve just finished the short ergonomics project and I’m ready for a new 🙂

– “performance space” project isn’t it??

– yessss I need to continue my research and look for more inspirations…. I do have and idea now but still need to make it as much interesting and eye catching as I can!!

– Actually, do you know what “performance art” is??


“Performance art refers largely to a performance which is presented to an audience but which does not seek to present a conventional theatrical play or a formal linear narrative, or which alternately does not seek to depict a set of fictitious characters in formal scripted interactions. It therefore will often include some form of action or spoken word which is a form of direct communication between the artist and audience, rather than a script written beforehand(…)”

Performance art is a term usually reserved to refer to a more conceptual art which conveys a content-based meaning in a more drama-related sense, rather than being simple performance for its own sake for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, performance art can include any type of physical stage performance which is not an exhibition of direct artistry such as theater, music or dance, but rather incorporates satirical or conceptual elements(…)”


– As I’ve mentioned before I’m gonna stay with the site I was working during my last project.

I like that site a lot and think is interesting and has the potential. I like the shape, and the texture.

I also wanna keep the idea of layering/patchwork.

– okay then still can’t get what you wanna do??

– I want to build a platform on the top of my site……

Maybe something in the shape of the tree house…….

Tree house/ Andreas Wenning (book – “XS Extreme”)

“The shape has a distinctive sculptural appeal, but it also has a certain delicacy as it seems to float amidst the trees(…)”

(XS Extreme” p.160)

“Their construction requires no nails or screws in the tree. So the tree’s vessels stay intact and it certainly won’t get sick But how does your house stay up in the air then? An intelligent question, Baumraum uses steel cables that are connected to the ground and pieces of extremely sturdy textile that are montaged onto the tree.(…)”


I think thats beautiful place where you can spend sunny days, closer to the nature. Love it!


Information Point /Herault Arnod Architectes (book – “XS Extreme”)

“The Information Point project seeks to create a cultural link between two intersecting and superimposed mountain worlds: nature and industry. Its architecture suggests elements of the natural site and the geography, in its materials and layout, and of the industrial history of the Alps in its constructive processes and the technique used to embed it in the rock. The trunk road by which the project stands is bordered on one side by a cliff some about 20 metres high, and on the other side by the Chambon dam lake below. It is an exceptional site, but the plot is too restricted for a building, however small. It is therefore built vertically, in equilibrium between the rock and the drop.This position offers the visitor a unique and protected viewing point over the dam and the mountains.

The Information Point is anchored in the site through being embedded in the rock and through its material, corten steel chosen in reference to the brown colour of certain parts of the rock, produced by the presence of iron oxide. The exterior shell is made of welded sheets of raw corten steel, strengthened on the interior by welded H frames. The project was carried out by an industrial boilerworks company, and the different components were prefabricated in the workshop and assembled in situ in one week. The cabin is held by 20 metre tie rods driven into the rock, the cliff is covered in a steel mesh to protect visitors from falling rocks. The volume, although distinctive in shape, appears to be set into and form part of the mountain.”


Permanent camping/ Casey Brown Architecture (book – “XS Extreme”)

Less is more??

“This tiny house located in Australia is designed by the architects of Casey Brown Architecture. It’s as simple and unpretentious on the outside as it as on the inside, making it a relaxing and casual getaway made for one or two people. The house is constructed out of recycled ironbark and the heating, cooling, and water technologies employed within the space also makes it eco-friendly(…)

“Ten-foot square by 20 foot high getaway with corrugated copper siding, three panels that fold down for security and up for shade, and a big rainwater collection tank behind. Nicely done.”


Tea Rooms/ Liu Jiakun (book – “XS Extreme”)

M-Velope Two / Michael Jantzen (book – “XS Extreme”)

“Made of wood, the shape can be altered according to your need, block the wind, add shade, etc. It does not require a foundation, and in most places it would not require a building permit. The entire structure is prefabricated so it can be easily transported to, and assembled onto almost any site. A small solar panel can be mounted onto the structure, or nearby, of power is needed for lights, small appliances etc.(…)”

Zig Zag Cabin / Drew Heath Architects  (book – “XS Green”)

” The cabin is made from hard wood framing, timber cladding with a fibre cement sheet, and corrugated metal for the roof (…)

These very basic materials and the simple cubic form are given a dynamic lift with the zig zag pattern of the window apertures, which not only adds visual interest, but also opens up long and short views into the wood (…)

A range of functions and vistas have been worked into the very compact design. The lower-level windows look out to the land and bush, whereas the vertical windows reveal sectional views of the trees and those at the top look into the tree canopy (…)


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