Susan Hiller – Tate Britain Exhibition

Today I went to see Susan Hiller exhibition in Tate Britain.

“Susan Hiller describes herself as a curator as well as an artist. She makes work out of objects that she’s collected over the years. She collates information, too, and personal testimonies. These all go toward making works whose primary aim is to question meanings and categories and belief systems. These belief systems are those that are often found on the outer fringes of mainstream norms – or, if you’re put off by the dry language of academe – which Hiller isn’t – the loopy stuff that’s a bit “out there”. Paranormal activity, alien abductions, séances, the healing power of holy water, levitation, auras. All these are dealt with in Hiller’s work.”

these are some photos from that exhibition, the one which I like the most:

Hand Grenades, (1972)

Ashes of burnt paintings in glass jars with stoppers and labels, in glass bowl.

Beautiful piece. A different way to keep memories.

Work in Progress, (1980)

Installation of tread works made of from deconstructed paintings.

Very simple but beautiful piece. Sustainable even.

Paintings become an installation.

One thing his ended  life to be reborn and become something else.

A display of her paintings has been destroyed and transformed making a new piece of art.

10 Months

Set of photographs taken by the artist of her body during pregnancy in 1976 – 77.

The form abstracted to look like landscape.

She also wrote a diary of her emotional experiences and each lunar month of photos was accompanied by a short statement.

The Tao of Water (1969-2010)

Installations of “holy water” collected in an old-fashioned cabinet.

Small medicine bottles are filled with water from the holy places which have medicinal properties, carefully labelled.

Witness (2000)

And finally, I’m sure I will not be alone saying that Witness installation is my favourite piece 🙂

Is just impressive!!

In one dark room there is a hundreds of fluorescent earphones suspended from the ceiling.

Each one is telling a story abut UFO.

The audience can easily  walk around the room and listen to the stories. Some of them may recognise a familiar language.

But for me when I’ve gone this room I’ve seen beautiful chandelier with a thousand diamonds….. and I could stay there and just look at it for hours!! 🙂 The blue light from the corners and the warm light in the middle of installation and then all the speakers like a pieces of glass reflects the light.

So impressive!! You just don’t wanna leave this room.


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