I think I’ve focused too much on the research…..

The first basic thing I should think about it is – how to interest viewers to visit my place?

Microbreweries are everywhere so my microbrewery must have something special.

Over the weekend I was looking for some inspirations.

I looked more closely at the beer. I focused on the foam as I found it very interesting the shapes, bubbles form and even texture.

I started to play with it, to take some close photos, draw over it to even make bubbles by my self ( see post before).

I’ve come up with the idea of a “bubble garden” the place where you can come and enjoy a pint of herb beer, where you can relax and smell some herbs which are all around the place.

And that’s site plan/ zoning:

So once you enter my site you will be in a “beer making process room” where you can see how the beer is being made.

You will find all the machines needed for making beer, you can see what, where, why, you will also read more about the origins of the hops and grains, and about herbs that are used.

After that you can grab a pint and go to the bubble garden (wall structure inspired by the beer foam). Take a sit in a bubble and enjoy smell of herbs that surrounds you and great taste of freshly made beer 🙂

All will be closed in a glass cubic so people from outside can see what’s going on up there and maybe that will tempt them to come upstairs  🙂

Bubble garden – some of the bubbles will be made much bigger so people can sit there or even lie. On some of them I wanna place pots with herbs. The bubbles with herbs they will be illuminated with yellow LED light what will give nice feeling over the night (from outside and inside as well).


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