Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication

I’ve found that building when I was showing to my friends Millennium Dome (O2) last week šŸ™‚

The main design strategy has been to produce a structure which encourages collaboration between the different disciplines and practitioners within the college. This is achieved by structuring the building around a system of two interconnected atria.

The architecture of the building has been designed to express the culture of contemporary production, by usingĀ  a non-periodic tiling system which symbolises a more diverse and contemporary approach to technology. Gothic rose windows and flower patterns have been a rich field of inspiration for the project (ā€¦)


The wholeĀ building reminds me of bubble garden I wanna do in my project.


more info:

  1. Shibboleth Shechter said:


    I think you could be much cleverer in our use of the foam metaphor – in this project it is only about facade – look back at our pictures of foam – how does it cling to the surface, how does it spread, where are the bubbles smaller ? bigger ?

    • I know it’s more like on my model some of the bubbles are smaller (where I’m gonna place the herbs) and some of them are bigger (where will be the place to sit). But on my model there is so many “in-between spaces” so I want to think about how to do them without the difficult spaces between bubbles. I think I may make kind of modular pieces to avoid the in-between spaces….. But any way I treat my “bubbles garden” as a last process of beer making and now I want to focus more on the process of making beer. I was thinking that maybe whole building would be a machine to make a beer. Starting from the bottom till the top, people could see through, for example, glass walls of the building, all processes: milling, the mash, whirpool, fermentation etc.
      I’ve book the tour in Fullers brewery next week (they quite busy and because they need to add me to existing tour I need to wait quite long), and I’m hoping that will inspire me more!

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