sketching…. planning…. drawing….

It’s time to look at my site once again more carefully, more closely and with details.

Photo above shows my previous site and highlighted part, I will use in my current project.

I’ve decided to fit everything in three arches. As my main idea is to design micro brewery I want to use as less space as I can.

Below there is a simple sketch plan showing chosen space and things around the site.

(All these sketches I made on the site, sitting at the wall with a map in hand and thinking, thinking, thinking…. so they are really just simple sketches)

Next sketch shows  quick axo of the space and highlighted part.

and  the three arches…..

and a site mode (empty for the moment).

(by the way i need to do another one asap with more details …. ).

I went to see Brewery last week. I’ve booked a tour an really went there with hope to see / hear something that will give me an inspiration.

At the beginning I wasn’t really sure what I’m looking for, what should I expect, should I take a photo or focused on the story about the beer and brewery  etc.

Well as it turned out later the tour was too short (even though it was more than one hour tour) and we had to follow guide lady constantly and very quickly. So there was no chance to take a photo, listen carefully, do notes and think 🙂

I couldn’t focus on anything particular.

After the tour I’ve tried to remind myself as much info as I could remember and then I’ve realised that not only visual site was important and if you would be able to “switch off” the guide lady you would here a lot of sounds, feel different smells…. and they work on your imagination very well.

In a Brewery you go there, walk around, listen to the guide,fallow him/her and taste beer at the end.

I’ve decided that in brewery I’m gonna design the “tour” will be more about imagination. Not for the eyes but for noses, skin and ears. You will feel, smell and hear processes rather than see.

Whole place will be very dark and only the most important things/parts will be highlighted in yellow light.

Once you enter the Brewery you will come across the first sense (of smell, of hearing etc.). Walking down into the interior you will feel on the skin (heat/cold/humidity etc) heard or smell various stages of making beer.

The first thing you will see it will be “tokens station”. The place where you (in case you want to taste the beer inside) have to exchange money for tokens. Yo will use tokens to exchange for a beer. (one token = one beer).

– Inspiration – in Brewery I visited last week, long ago men had to go inside the mashing tank and  throw the remains of the mashing outside using shovels. It was very hard work so they were getting tokens as a reward for the effort. They could use tokens in a beer machines to get pint or two during the work hours. –

Then you will go straight to the basement.

I want to have 2 arches available for customers/visitors and 1 hidden, available only for staff.

I would like to merge these 2 arches for customers as much as it possible and place the tanks on different levels (to make some kind of floors where each tank can be visible). Next to the every tank there will be place to seat and taste beer (appropriate for evry process).

So for example you can come to brewery go straight to the basement where is a tank (1st process of making beer) with mash and you can stay there and have a pint or you can go further/higher where there is another tank with another process and  another (different place to seat and taste a beer).

All the places are dark and for example in “milling area” you will be able to hear in background the sound of falling grains through metal pipes. In “boiling area” – bit warmer there, you can see steam here and is condenses on the walls creating water drops…. etc.


On the left sketch plan and on the right section AA shows intention to divide the arches into levels and to make basement (and use as a 0 level).


That image shows how I want to split the arches (different colour = different level)

to be continued….


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