Micro Brewery

I’ve converted one arch and a bit of surrounding space into micro brewery.

I’ve splited arch into mezzanine storeys and add a basement.

As you enter the site you need to exchange your money for tokens. You use tokens to pay for your paints.

The whole place is dark with only yellow spot lights on the floor around the place.

I want to give a rest to your eyes and wake up more your ears, nose maybe skin.

When one sense is not working properly then the other ones work much better than usual.

You will be able to see processes of making beers (which happen in basement) but I want you to smell, hear and feel more than just to see.

On the front wall (in the gap between the arch and the corrugated wall) there is a wall of barrels with herb beer. Each barrel have tap and small light: red – when beer is not ready to drink, and green – when beer is ready to taste.

You may choose your beer in the machine next to the barrels. Put your token, choose a beer you would like to taste and pure it to your glass.

Stairs are the guide around the place. You start from level 1 and walk up until level 3 and a balcony. There are a few places to seat and enjoy your pint around the arch .



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