small spaces.

Yesterday I had a first meeting with my new platform.

The tutor of this platform, Jo, is a former student of our course. She seems to be very nice. She has a fresh way of looking at the thinks and good knowledge of the subject.

“Small spaces challenge us to explore our creativity more than large ones. We are forced to make clever use of area limitation, and we have to find new ways to impress and create a memorable spatial experience. Details, materiality and light conditions also become more obvious and important in a small space.

Platform 7 will investigate perceptions of small spaces and challenge norms of desired square meters. Our aim will be to give a small site a big identity through augmentation of the spatial experience.

The Platform will delve into the details of our small sites; observe user behaviour and activity and investigate the specificities within the space; focus on the minute to generate narratives. The narratives in turn will generate proposals for an enhanced, or illusory, space through clever use of form and design detail. Recent years have seen the rise of the bespoke event and pop-up venue. The urban citizens demand for unusual and exclusive cultural experiences seem to be insatiable, and these experiences will naturally require a setting in unusual and exclusive venues and spaces. Our programme will be to create these unique spaces”. (2A brief)

Before I’ve joined that platform they were asked to do one week project.

“One week exercise is designed to make you think about the properties of space, both abstract and concrete, and develop a design concept without being too literal (…) You are to make a physical model exploring spatial illusion, based on any ideas or interests triggered by your investigated concepts in 2A/3A. It can be a continuation of your 2A/3A work, or a completely new ‘inspired’ idea”. (2A brief)

After tutorial we had a discussion with Jo and we decided that I should start off from that short project too.

Time to start thinking creatively 🙂





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