first ideas

After last tutorial we agreed that I will send Jo asap my firs ideas so she could tell me if I’m on a good way. This is just very basic presentation I did over the weekend.


Jo said today that this is a great kick-off for a concept!

Now I need to think if I want to develop this idea in relation to project 2B.

“In 2B you will be developing spatial strategies based on scenarios and experiences investigated during 2A. Your design proposals will aim to challenge our perceptions of small spaces, and you will be looking at methods of how to play with scale and illusions of scale within the space, to augment the spatial experience. You will identify and map the context of your immediate site; this involves both concrete examples such as materiality, size and current use, as well as the more abstract but crucial relation between the user and the space. You will also need to research and map the area in which your site is based, to understand the structure of the local community and its activities. Your site investigations and findings will generate a narrative that will be closely interlinked with your design development and proposals. Your proposals and scenarios will need to show an understanding of spatial sequence, and how these sequences are woven into the contextualised urban fabric.” (2A brief)


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