After last tutorial I’ve decided to stay with my pipes idea. I like the structure I’ve built out of straws and I think this idea is quite potential.

I still would like to experiment with lots of things. I’m thinking about different material, maybe size too. I want to see how the light will influence on the structure. Will that be installation or maybe summer pavilion??

The other thing I need to do asap is to find a site. The site should be small and in the vicinity of the Liverpool Street – Old Street – Bethnal.

“You will also need to compile a series of orthogonal survey drawings (plans, sections, elevations) that should include the mapping of context and activities of your site, as well as other recordings of site specific findings (e.g. sketches, films, sketch models, photographs, collections)” (brief)

I’ve first looked into the google maps and I’ve found a small square not far from Liverpool street station. I’m gonna go there next week and do the research and all the drawings.

When I’ve found that square I was thinking I could do my installation there.

My inspiration for that installation were cave and stalagmites.

The form of the structure is quite organic so I was thinking to integrate the tube in the tree. Make the tubes part of the trees.


Well still lots to do and think……


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