not much time left

Not much time left and so many things to do.

I still need to work on axo drawing to show these two “worlds” – underground and above the ground.

Also I am going to record facades of the buildings surrounding my underground space  and project that on the walls down there.


I have found a two exhibitions which I treat as a reference to my projection space.

First exhibition “The Coral reef” by Mike Nelson in Tate Britain.

“As soon as you enter the door marked The Coral Reef, you are in a seedy world of – what? Ratty hotels, call-centres, terrorist cells, taxi offices – you are not sure what exactly what the interstitial, transient rooms and antechambers you pass through or glimpse through dirty windows are, or where. But a machine gun and a mask left on a worktop is almost superfluous to the atmosphere of menace. An overwhelming sense both of abandonment and anticipation sucks you into what feels like a narrative about terror and conspiracy. The surprising thing about The Coral Reef is its date. It was made the before the world changed – and yet no other British work I can think of is so eerily resonant with the realities and fantasies unleashed by the events of September 11 2001.

The Coral Reef is the installation as scary novel.Horror and the gothic haunt Nelson, but in this extraordinary creation it is not vague creepiness he creates. It is the creepiness of our time, the strangeness of our cities, the paranoia of this absurd age (…)

photos: Tate Britain

The other work shows more less the way I would like to show my projections.

Installation “Memorsion” by Manuel Chantre.

Memorsion is an three-dimensional audiovisual experience. This installation made up of 22 semi-transparent screens where a unique urban environment is constructed through the audiences interactions.


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